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Shot of the Week: B-52

Author: Tony
Posted: 08 Aug 2004

Paraphrased from "Repoman" and numerous conversations between myself and Castle Awesome resident Justin:

"It's like you'll be thinking about a plate of fish, and someone near you will say plate, or fish, or plate of fish. It's all connected. It's all a grid."

That's pretty much life. It's all connected. This installment of the Shot of the Week will prove not only that, but that Team Totally Awesome is a force of destiny. Pour yourself a Three Wise Men and get ready to have your world rocked.

So we roll into Underbones, the local slang for the bar in the basement of Redbones, with no clear plans for a shot, only that one is being done that evening. A round of beers are ordered and discussion between Tyler and myself begins. Eventually, I toss out the idea of a B-52, but Tyler sagely points out that I have no idea what's in a B-52 and, if we don't know the ingredients, it's probably not smart to order it in case the bartender also doesn't know. I concur and more debate ensues until we decide to just ask the bartender, our common fallback.

I stroll up to the bartender, and, addressing her rack, tell her about the site and how we feature a bar and do a new shot every week. She says she'll confer with her fellow bartender and get back to me.

A few minutes later, she comes up and suggests a shot of tequila. I inform her we already have tequila body shots on the site. She then tries to offer us Kamikazes, but we shake that off, too. After an explanation of what we already have, she pauses, thinks, looks right at me and says "how about B-52s?"

Plate. Fish. Plate of fish.

Team Totally Awesome collectively realizes destiny is on our side. This week's Boobsquad member, Jil, realizes her shirt is coming off sooner than she'd thought.

Anyway, the B-52 is a layered shot, and is made in the following way:

  • 2 parts Kahlua (on the bottom)

    Pouring over a spoon, add:

  • 1 part Bailey's Irish cream (middle)
  • 1 part Grand Marnier (top)

    The shot is both burning and creamy, which is an interesting combination when it hits your lips, but it's good. There's a kinda coffee/chocolatey taste, and the bitterness of Grand Marnier is masked by the other alcohols. I highly recommend doing as many of them as possible.

    Due to cash constraints, we could only have one round. Luckily, that round was paid for by the teenagers I had bought alcohol for earlier that night. But, I do believe that this shot would live up to its name and get us bombed rather well.

  • Redbones is located at 55 Chester Street
    in Davis Square, Somerville, MA 02144.

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