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Drugs 101: Stupid fucking inhalants

Author: Philippe
Posted: 07 Aug 2004

Good morning, students, and welcome to another exciting, albeit short, edition of Drugs 101. So yes, another week, another drug, and let me tell you, this week's drug is a doozy.

Actually, it's not a drug, per se. This week, we're discussing the cheapest, easiest-to-find, and dumbest thing you can do to yourself by investigating inhalants. So prepare yourself. I'm gonna get a bit frustrated really soon just thinking about the stupidity of some people on this earth.

Basically, what an inhalant is is any sort of vapors you can breath that get you high. Usually, the vapors are in the form of paint, glue, and cleaning fluids. They're not technically a drug because they were never intended to be used to alter your mind. It was supposed to be to alter your fence or construction paper.'s how they work. You breath in the fumes. Your body notices the surprising lack of oxygen and your heart starts beating faster. Your body does this to get as much oxygen as it can to your muscles. Of course, the blood is also pumping to your head, and whenever there's a lot of blood up there, you get high.

Sounds simple enough. However, to get the same effect that a simple amphetamine will give you, You're Breathing Poison!

I mean, how stupid are people? They have to know the risks here. The poisonous fumes, however, can start eating away at your brain because, along with oxygen in your blood, you are now pumping poison to every part of your body. I simply can't get over how idiotic that is. On the plus side, the high is over in an incredibly short amount of time...wait a minute. That's stupid.

I mean, if I'm going to do drugs, and lets face it, I've done a few in my day, if I'm going to do it, then it'd better be fucking worth it. I mean, at least coke is fun. You can't even do anything when you're huffing.

Fuck, man. Fuck fuck fuck!

Ok, I'm almost done. Anyone who huffs inhalants has to be one of the dumbest fucking people on the block. They might as well just drink the paint, end their life, and make me not have to think about their sorry asses.

Don't do it. Be a man (or woman) and do a real drug.

Or, by all means, if you're too stupid to find people who sell real drugs, go to CVS and buy some WD/40. I hear that's the best!

You don't really need a dealer to go to Home Depot and get the paint or glue or whatever, so no worries about trusting a dealer. Though, if you have a dealer, ask him what HE thinks about it. I'm sure he'll tell you what I've just said.

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