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Drugs 101: Nitrous

Author: Philippe
Posted: 26 Jul 2004 har har ('cause it's, umm, it's laughing gas, you see).

Ok, so that was a bit of a weak opening. Normally I have a paragraph or so of story that I throw in the beginning of the article that leads up to whatever drug we're talking about this week. However, since I'm pretty sure I've never done nitrous, it's going to be hard to write about that time I was somewhere and we all did nitrous. So let's just jump right into it, shall we?

Nitrous Oxide is a pretty common gas. Two nitrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. Nothing to it. Easy to find and extremely easy to produce. Not only that, but it's easy to come by because it's legal to sell and buy. I think you might need to be 18, but I'm not even positive about that. You certainly won't get into trouble for asking if you can have it. You might just get turned down.

Discovered in the late 18th century by Joseph Priestly, it was mainly used as a bit of a novelty drug at various public shows. In the mid 19th century, the drug started being used in dentistry. Throughout, though, it's remained popular for the original novelty drug aspect.

When you inhale it you get a fun mix of pain relief and sedation. Almost, but not quite, a feeling that you get when you take a psychedelic. For the most part you simply stop caring. And you feel just absolutely corking with absolutely anything that happens. Pull my tooth out with pliers? That sounds great! consumption is generally done with a cartridge and a balloon. Crack the cartridge, fill the balloon, and suck it. It's not going to be that pricey, either. No more than two bucks a cartridge, generally, so feel free to buy a few.

There's a few problems associated with the stuff. It can eventually cause you to lose feeling in your fingers and toes. But that's if you do the shit every day, several times a day, and also if you don't take vitamins. Really, nothing to worry about. Just don't be a dumbass, and take a breath of actual air between hits. Don't do it everyday because...well, it'd just be completely pathetic to be addicted to N2O. I know that I'd make fun of you, anyway. So would all of my friends, and your friends, and your mom.


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