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Shot of the Week: That Blue Stuff

Author: Team Totally Awesome
Posted: 13 Jun 2004

Welcome to an extra-special Shot of the Week. We thought long and hard about what to do this week, and finally settled on a highly unusual one. That's right, that bottle of blue shit what you don't know what is.

It used to be Blue Curacao, however you pronounce that shit. Everyone has this bottle. That half a bottle of Blue Curacao has traveled from one house to the next, party to party, with everyone asking "what's that blue shit in the Stolichnaya bottle?" You're forced to fumble over your pronunciation of "Blue Curacao" several times while they repeat "What? Huh?" until you finally scream "FUCK YOU I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PRONOUNCE IT JACKASS" and storm off to the fridge for a beer, failing to tell them that at some point someone poured a bunch of other shit, all the other bar leftovers, into the bottle. It no longer has that nice transparent aqua blue color, but more of a ruddied, visceral dark blue.
Aaaaanyway, so here's Tyler poring over the liquor cabinet.

"What is this in the back here? Looks interesting. What is it, Johnson?"

"Oh, it's that bottle of blue shit."

"What's in it?"

"You know, that Blue Curacao shit, but Justin added, y'know, that leftover brandy, and some vodka, and maybe brake fluid. No idea, really."

"Dude, I'm totally doing this."

And so we laugh with great mirth as he downs it.

"Oh man, what the fuck? That was terrible! Brake fluid, indeed!"

Honestly, we're not sure what, exactly, Tyler yelled, but it involved some sputtering and coughing. Maybe a little choking. Who's to say, really?

"Guys, I don't feel so good."

Um, maybe this picture shouldn't be on here.

Suffice to say, this week's Shot of the Week comes with a word of caution. By all means, dig out That Bottle of Blue Shit from the back of your liquor cabinet and make a friend do a shot. However, do not -- and we stress do not -- tell the cops you got the idea from us. That's just be a terrible idea.

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