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Drugs 101: Crystal meth

Author: Philippe
Posted: 11 Jun 2004

Have to go faster! Have to go faster! Have to go faster! Have to go faster! Have to go faster! Have to go faster! Have to go faster! Have to go faster! Have to go faster! Have to go faster! Have to go faster! Have to go fas...errmmm. Sorry 'bout that, I don't know what I was thinking about. Let me start this article again.

Welcome back to Drugs 101 cats and kittens, my name's Philippe and I'll be your tour guide again this week. And probably for quite a while, because I don't think anyone else wants to do the Drugs 101 articles. Frankly, that amazes me because I always have a nice easy idea for a subject. One drug article and then one piece of media a week. I love this job! Granted, I've been awfully lacking in the boobsquad department. Props to the rest of the boys in that regard though.

(See? Much better intro that included the word boobsquad.), this week we're moving away from psychedelics and moving to a good ol' favorite! That's right, kids, it's Crystal Meth!

Crystalized Meth Amphetamines are, by far, the most potent form of speed available. Were you to visit "the streets" you could also find it as crystal, glass, crank, or any of a dozen other names. You can take it any number of ways, but the most common and fun is snorted through a hundred dollar bill. It burns more than coke, however, so have a glass of water handy.

(Just a brief aside here, some people think that there's really a difference between, say, crystal and crank, and they'll tell you some crazy story about purity levels, and what it's been cut with. It's all bullshit. It's all the same stuff, it all affects the same neurons in the brain, and the "purity difference" is simply a measure of how well the guy from Michigan who made the stuff knows how to set up a proper meth lab.) drug was invented in the sixties (when else?) and got some notoriety, and then sort of faded in the seventies. It had a scorching comeback in the nineties, though, and a whole slew of children found themselves a perfect drug.

Perfect? Well, maybe not. Crystal actually has some good risks associated with it, because the drug is so effective at overclocking your central nervous system. Which in and of itself wouldn't be so bad, but you're simply not going to do just one line of the stuff. People will go all night, dancing and partying and sneaking off again to do more. That's the danger, but that's also half the point, so what are you gonna do? But like anything you overclock, if you have it running for too long with no cool down, you're gonna have a fried central nervous system on your hands.

However, if the drug was prepared correctly, it's not a completely bad thing for your system. Your bodies are built to last, and they do last. But really, and I can't stress this enough, MODERATION is KEY. A week-long amphetamine binge isn't going to be good for anyone involved.

Doing a bunch of speed and dancing, though, isn't going to kill anybody. You might get a little paranoid and depressed during your come-down. I've found that an effective way to deal with that is to simply go to bed, wake up in the morning, do the last little bit that you've saved from last night, and call it a day. Then repeat the process next year.

Amphetamines have also been shown to be highly addictive drugs, so watch yourself and make sure you don't become an addict. Nobody likes a speed addict. They're all jumpy and twitchy. It's also hard to pick up chicks when you have dark, sunken eyes.

That being said, I love speed, and would recommend doing it once or twice before you die, to see what everyone's talking about!

So, until next week kids -- remember to trust your dealer and take everything in moderation.

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