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Shot of the Week: Mudslide

Author: Team Totally Awesome
Posted: 23 May 2004

Getting away from the shots of straight liquor, we here at TTA have decided to delve into the somewhat perilous world of mixed shots. This week, we bring you: The Mudslide.

To make this shot, you'll need the following ingredients:

Creme de Cacoa
Bushmills Irish Cream

Bushmills Irish Cream has been used as opposed to the more traditional Baileys. Though we heavily recommend Bushmills, you can use whatever Irish Cream liquor is your preference.

Once you've acquired the various liquors, mix equal parts of the three ingredients into a chilled shot glass, stir, and shoot. A fairly simple shot to make, and not a bad one to do. Our thoughts were that it tasted a lot like Irish coffee, sans the caffinated jolt that gets you through whatever hellish morning tasks lay before you. Our advice is that if you're going to do this shot, only a couple are neccessary as it's pretty sweet and it would make you look like a pussy if you were shooting it at a bar with anyone but the girl you're trying to fuck that night.

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