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Xmas Drinks Spectacular 1: hot drinks

Author: Philippe
Posted: 20 Dec 2004 Xmas time is here again and, with it, come the bitter freezing streets of whatever town you live in...unless you live in the South, but even in that scary land below the Mason-Dixon Line, it can get a bit chilly.

So what better way to keep out the cold and celebrate the birth of an imaginary father figure who was born 2000 years ago than drinking!

But Philippe! I don't know any Christmas Drink Recipes!

Worry not, gentle readers. Per usual, I got the hook up.

So put on some Xmas music and turn on the oven as we get ready to go through some classic Xmas drinks that'll keep you warm and drunk and forgetful of the hundreds of dollars you just spent on your loved ones. I'm going to do this article in two parts. The first part is going to be hot drinks.

First up, we have Hot Buttered Rum. For this, you will need the following: lb. unsalted butter
1 lb. white granulated sugar
1 lb. brown sugar
1 qt. good vanilla ice cream

The butter and the ice cream need to be soft, so while you're waiting for them to get soft, mix the sugars together in a bowl. Then mix the butter and ice cream together in a different bowl. When the butter/ice cream is mixed, then, as you're stirring, start to add the sugar combination. Congratulations, you've made a cream batter!

Stick it in the fridge until you're ready to drink it. When it's drinking time, you're going to need some boiling water, so get the tea kettle whistling. While you wait for that, put two big tablespoons of your cream batter in a nice big mug. Add a shot or two of dark rum, then top it off with boiling water. Bam!

I suggest starting out with one shot of rum, and then as the night progresses add more and more until you're drinking it straight. But that's just me. up on the list, we have a coffee drink that I happen to like. I don't know if there's an actual name, but for all intents and purposes we'll call it a B52 Christmas Coffee.

This is the simplest of the Xmas drinks on my list because you basically just make a B52 and pour coffee over it. Though technically I'm not making a true B52, because I don't like Grand Marnier.

So a normal B52 is made like this:

1/2 shot of Kahlua
1/2 shot of Irish cream
1/2 shot of Grand Marnier.

I take out the Grand Marnier and add Irish Whiskey, then top the whole thing off with coffee in a big mug. Delicious.

Finally on the big list we have my absolute favorite Xmas drink on the planet: Mulled Wine.

This recipe is for one bottle of wine. More guests coming over? Then simply double or triple the ingredients.'s what you need:

1 bottle of red wine
1/3 cup of sugar
2 or 3 cinnamon sticks
6 whole cloves
1/4 tsp of allspice
Some orange peel

Don't go too crazy on expensive wine, peoples. Most of the taste of the actual wine will be covered up with the spices. I've found that a 10 dollar bottle of Bordeaux works just fine.

I say "some orange peel." Just shave off one or two 3" x 1/2" peels. Make sure, however that you don't include any pith (that white flaky shit on the inside of the peel).

Put everything in a pot and bring it to a simmer. Don't boil it, though. I can't stress that enough. Low flame on the oven, and you want to see steam coming from the pot, but boiling it will fuck it up. Cover that shit up and let it sit there for about 15 minutes.

Then ladle it and serve. If you want to keep it hot, one trick I've discovered is to put it into a very clean coffee pot and turn the warmer on (this does not mean that you pour the wine into the back of the coffee maker -- just put in the pot and turn the warmer on). Keeps everything nice and cozy, plus you can pour it instead of ladling.

Well, I hope you enjoy these nice hot treats, and I'll see you real quick-like for the Xmas cold drink recipes!

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