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Jell-O Shots

Author: Team Totally Awesome
Posted: 06 Nov 2004

We learned a valuable principle at All Awesome's Eve. That principle is that Jell-O shots, while requiring a little work up front, absolutely make a party. Make a party FUCKED UP, that is. You seriously can't go wrong.

We started it off with a 1.75L of Gordon's vodka (yeah, shudder if you will, but in Jell-O you don't really know the difference -- especially after the first few). We picked up twenty boxes of Jell-O in assorted flavors. In case you're curious, the creepy sugar-free Jell-O also works. It's literally 1/10 the weight (0.3oz to 3.0oz), but it jelled just fine. That was Jil's request, though, so we'll let it slide.

Here's what you're gonna do. Get yourself that 1.75L of vodka, ten boxes of Jell-O, and about 120 Jell-O shot cups. Justin's one of those weird guys that frequents restaurant-supply auctions and shit like that, so he happened to have brought home 1,000 short, wide plastic cups. They were sort of like keg cups cut from the bottom inch-and-a-half down. Perfect. But yeah, Dixie cups, whatever. Small cups that girls can get their tongues into are the key here.

Controversy abounds, but here's the method that worked for us.

Lay out cups on a cookie sheet. Or, well, several cookie sheets. Bring 1 cup water to a boil. Crack a beer while you're waiting. Once boiling, stir water into gelatin powder until powder is dissolved (1-2 minutes). Stir in mixture of 3/4 vodka and 1/4 cold water. Distribute into cups, place in fridge to set. Allow at least four hours. Rinse, repeat, and drink another beer. If you keep up the pace and can drink a beer for every two boxes of Jell-O, you win a prize.

For All Awesome's Eve, we ended up with roughly 120 Jell-O shots. We'd have counted, but someone started eating them as we were laying them out over every flat surface available in the kitchen. In retrospect, we could've laced them with roophies and no one would've been the wiser, but I suppose that's why hindsight is 20/20. I guess that's not the cool thing to do when hosting a kickass party, anyway. People have to remember some of it.

So now you have a fuckton of Jell-O shots, a bunch of sober people, and a camera. What do you do? Eat them all and take pictures! We only seem to have three pics, but so be it. We were busy kicking ass and taking names or something. Grab a Jell-O shot, use your fingers, use your tongue, whatever. Scoop it out and grab another.

Instant fun, instant party.

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