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Bobbing For Nips

Author: Team Totally Awesome
Posted: 06 Nov 2004

One of the much-touted attractions at All Awesome's Eve was the Bobbing For Nips event. It was to be from a mutilated corpse, but frankly, we ran out of time, supplies, and energy after making the Aqua Teen Hunger Force costumes. So be it. We did, however, remove the labels to make it more interesting. Nips furnished with a discount from University Wine Shop (thanks, Declan!); we had thirty in all -- the next morning, there were two left. Here are some candid shots from the festivities.

Here's Tommy (we think). Looks like Southern Comfort.

Here's the Boobsquad's own Sasaya with what looks to be V.S.O.P. or Courvoisier. The rarely-photographed and oft-Drugs 101-critiquing Justin looks on.

This is one of the Death guys (I think Matt) with what appears to be whiskey or bourbon.

And here's Tony looking simply terrifying. Looks like he got Malibu.

Unfortunately, we can't see what Whitney's retrieving.

Pete worked long and hard for one of the coveted prizes, the Jagermeister.

Philippe, with the best-looking pose of the set, pulled either rum or vodka.

No idea who this girl is, but she worked that bucket and pulled out something the camera couldn't recognize.

WAxl pulls a whiskey or bourbon. Or possibly brandy. No one remembers.

Another Boobsquad member, Jil, pulls one of the coveted chick nips: Midori.

Heh. Chick nips.

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