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Drugs 101: GHB -- Grievous Bodily Harm

Author: Philippe
Posted: 01 Oct 2004

Okie doke, folks. I have no witty opening paragraph for this article, so I'll just let everyone know that the Yankees suck. I didn't know the rules to that movie/quote game on the forums and while I may be sexy, it's you, the readers, who are sexier. Sexy, I say! Damn sexy! This week, because I couldn't find any information on Spanish Fly, I'm doing GHB. Or, as I like to call it, Kool-Aid with a kick. Hydroxybutyrate, in a nutshell, is basically just a chemical salt which gets you drunk. And the best part of all? It comes from people! Technically, you can get the same effects from eating babies. Granted, you'd have to eat two babies in an hour, and babies don't taste good, and babies are expensive. But it takes different strokes to rule the world, so go out and eat some babies if you like.

Right, so salt that gets you drunk. Wit that out of the way, let's get to dosages and then, in a few paragraphs, I'll explain how you can use it to kill people. Now, GHB is found in two forms -- powder and liquid. Same drug, but when it's in liquid form, it means that someone has put the powder into any given liquid. This is what I recommend you do; knowing your dosages keeps you alive. Taking drugs without knowing the dosages makes you die. Eating berries from the woods makes you poop and then die. Unless you're with an Eagle Scout, in which case you just poop. A normal dose, for fun times, is about three grams. Now, the weird thing about those three grams is that they can easily fit into three milliliters of water. Isn't that weird? That's where it can be used to knock people out or kill them. Come to think of it, pretty much any drug can do that in enough, I'm really grumpy today. I'll try to be more chipper in the following paragraphs. take GHB, mix three grams of powder into whatever sort of liquid you want (remember, it can be more than 3 mL if you like) and toss it back. Careful, though -- this shit can put you in a coma if you take too much of it, which is why it's now illegal and has been so since the '90s. The difference between a safe recreational dose and some grevious bodily harm is one or two grams. It's a thin line to walk.

And so not worth it. It's addictive both mentally and physically, and makes you feel sort of good, but hell, PBR makes Johnson feel sort-of good and that's both cheap and legal. Actually, any number of shots on the TTA Shot of the Week list would make a much better nightcap than GHB. So I suggest you avoid GHB and hit the Vice section for something better. And while you're at it, kiss the rings BITCH.

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