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Shot of the Week: Calvados

Author: Johnson
Posted: 21 Sep 2004

Well, folks, here it is. The first official international Shot of the Week. It comes, of course, from France. It's not exactly a shot, persay, but it's good enough for us.

Sasaya and I found ourselves on the coast of Normandy for the latter half of our vacation. Before arriving and since we'd been there, we kept hearing about how Normandy was apple country and, as such, they had a regional apple liqueur called Calvados. We'd decided to pick up a bottle to bring home. Who doesn't like apple things, anyway? Before we did so, we figured we'd try it. And so we found ourselves at our last dinner in the country before we headed back to Paris, and figured this was the best chance we'd have to try some real Calvados before leaving apple country. It's generally consumed as an digestif, and after-dinner drink (as opposed to an aperatif, a pre-dinner drink). We ordered an 8-year and a 20-year, for contrast.

In order to do this shot yourself, you'll need the following:

  • one plane ticket to France
  • one bottle Calvados

    Lie a brandy snifter on its side on the edge of a table. Fill with Calvados to the lip, then rotate the glass along the edge of the table to coat the inside of the glass an aerate the drink. Once done, either sip gently or toss it back.

    First off, it needs to be mentioned that this is definitely not an apple liqueur as previously assumed. In fact, it smells and tastes like really good scotch. If you don't like scotch, this is a bad thing. Where there once was this thought of a lovely apple brandy is now this glass of 90-proof liquor that you can smell from a few feet away. Not that I'm bitter, or anything. For what it's worth, though, the 20-year is far better than the 8-year. This shit needs at least twenty years to mellow the fuck out.

    Anyway, so yeah, it was an interesting experience. If you happen to find yourself in Normandy, I'd say it's a must-have, at least once. It's worth the price tag, which eludes me at this point. I think they were about 12 € or so, with the 20-year obviously carrying a larger price tag than the 8-year.

    Les 3 Rois Hotel/Restaurant is located at 2 place Jeanne d'Arc, Villers Bocage 14310, France.

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