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Shot of the Week: Whiskey? Yes, please.

Author: Team Totally Awesome
Posted: 15 May 2004

What can I say about whiskey that hasn't already been said about whiskey? Other than PBR, it's the drink of choice in Castle Awesome.

There's something special about Irish whiskey, though. And by that we mean that pretty much all other whiskey is crap. Now that we've eliminated Jack Daniels, et al, let's focus on the matter at hand.

Shit, what's the topic?

Oh yeah, Irish whiskey.

Now, when it comes to Irish whiskey, there are essentially two choices -- Bushmills and Jameson. In this house, we go with Bushmills for the cost/quality ratio. Here's a little secret, actually. If you want good Irish whiskey for cheap, head to your local ghetto liquor store. The prices there are exorbitant for items such as Alize, Hennessey, and malt liquor, but items such as Irish whiskey are nice and discounted. We're talking $32 for a 1.75L of Bushmills here. In fact, we've got a graveyard of Bushmills 1.75s.

Again, getting off track. We're talking about fine whiskey here. Drop it over rocks, mix it with ginger ale or sour, shoot it straight, it's always good. None of that burn with American whiskey. The recommendation here is just shooting it straight in a frozen shot glass, as depicted.


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