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Shot of the Week: Bubba Slush

Author: Tony
Posted: 07 Sep 2004

This week’s Shot of the Week is brought to you by the letters R, N and C. It’s also brought to you by Phil’s wallet. Way to go Phil.

Anyway, those of you that receive our Newsletter know that I was down in New York City for the Republican National Convention earlier this week, so this week’s shot is one of those cool New York shots I occasionally get to do. Makes it tricky for anyone but the New York readers to get, but that’s alright, because by and large only our Boston fans get to go to the bars we frequent. I fully believe in mixing it up now and again. Gotta keep things fresh.

Fuck. Man will I ramble if I’m sleepy and not inspired. On to the shot, and the tale that accompanies it.

So, on my last day at the RNC, Phil and I decided to get together and try to get on TV, which was the plan the whole time. While we were hanging out, we thought it would be fun to do some shots, so we left Herald Square, where the majority of the protests were happening, and went downtown, staff photographer in tow.

For the curious, this week’s photographer was the lovely and talented Boobsquad member Krystal. And she wasn’t so much in tow, but hanging out with us too. I just thought it sounded good.

Back to the story.

Eventually, we came upon a bar called “Live Bait”. We liked the name, so we went in. Phil delivered the “we have a website” speech, and the bartender mixed the bar’s signature drink, the Bubba Slush, into a shot for us. No easy task, once you see the list of ingredients. Try squeezing this shit into a shot glass:

½ part Vodka
½ part Gin
½ part Rum
½ part Tia Maria (coffee liqueur)
½ part Amaretto
½ part Triple Sec
1 part Grenadine
1 ½ parts Pineapple Juice
1 ½ parts Cranberry Juice
Crush Ice

Combine all of this in a standard shaker, shake and get fucking drunk. I tell you man, this shit packs a wallop, but tastes like, I shit you not, bubble gum. Try to drink around the ice though; it’s a pain in the ass.

I also advise a double shot glass. This is just too much for one.

Anyway, that’s about that for the Bubba Slush. If I could actually afford the ingredients, I’d be drinking it right now. Next time you’re in the East Village, I highly recommend popping by Live Bait and giving it a go round.

Oh yah. Next week, we have guest author Philippe. Be sure to give him a warm welcome, and to look for me guesting Drugs 101.

Later bitches.

Live Bait is located at 14 East 23rd St, New York, NY 10010

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