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Drugs 101: DXM

Author: Philippe
Posted: 30 Aug 2004, welcome, to another article of Drugs 101. My name's Philippe and it's been a while. Not that I haven't been keeping the masses informed about things I like and my personal life, mind you. But still, it's time to put my own feelings and desires aside for the moment and give back to YOU, the Team Totally Awesome community. Why? Because you're awesome. Ready?

This week we're looking at a tried and true method of getting high that kids have known about (or theorized about on playgrounds) for years: DXM.

Well, technically, I guess most kids don't know that much about DXM. They just know that Robitussin gets you high. Which, of course, has a main active ingredient guessed it, DXM. Especially if mixed with any over the counter "Keep Truckers Awake" drug that you can buy at BP.

OK. So, dextromethorphan (oooh, that's a good one) is basically just a cough suppressant and it works by screwing with your mu opioid receptors. Which, as everyone knows...ermm...are receptors...of the mu opioid variety. It also fucks with your sigma opioid receptors. something. So, strange little receptors in your head. We'll go with that, then. As such, it has some of the same effects as codeine, special K, and PCP. Or, at least, the government classifies it with those particular drugs, so that's good enough for me. The government tends to have incredibly accurate (I'm pretty sure) information about legal drugs. It's amazing. Try and ask them about pot, though, and it all goes to hell. Eesh.

"Well, that's great, Philippe, but what the hell does it do?" you ask. We get the following bit of business. Mild hallucinations, a dissociative state of mind, and disturbances in motion. Not the greatest effects in the world, but not bad for six bucks spent at the local drug store.

Studies show that the drug is non-addictive, and no evidence of tolerance has occurred with any long-term users of the drug. Of course, these tests were done by people taking the recommended 30 mg of DXM every four hours. To get the fun, spacey high, you're going to potentially have to take more. Taking it out of the bottle is the most common way people do it (and, in my opinion, safest). Problem, of course, being that, as Robitussin is a cough suppressant, it relaxes the medullary cough center in your body., then, if you do too much you might have some problems breathing or doing any sort of healthy coughing that one does from time to time during the day.

All in all, I'd say that it's a relatively safe drug as long as you don't go crazy with it. Personally, I'd stick with the cough medicine (though Sadira will probably disagree with me on this point) because you have definite control as to how much you're putting in your body (as opposed to whatever new pill our friends at MIT invented last weekend).

No need to trust a dealer on this one, as your dealer is the 15-year-old girl behind the counter at CVS. But, as always -- if you're gonna do something, do it in moderation.

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