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Independent Artist Plug: Mr. Tim

Author: Tony
Posted: 08 Aug 2004

An actual artist this time. Go figure.

Unless you're crazy about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, more specifically, the character of Anya, you perceive bunnies as cuddly creatures that are fun to pet and occassionaly make a sweater out of, or perhaps stew, if that's what you're into.

Well, Mr. Tim does not. coworker and friend of mine, Mr. Tim runs, a site dedicated to his art, which primarily consists of, well, monster bunnies. These hellishly cute creatures feature huge teeth, what appear to be jackets, and a permanently pissed-off demeanor, as you can see from the giant bunny that currently adorns our stairwell. Their buddies include bears, chipmunks, and the occasional dude who looks like he should be in the local monster bunny-land asylum.

If you live in the Allston area, or have been to Cental Square in Cambridge, MA, you've seen a monster bunny. The stickers literally drip from the fucking street signs, newspaper boxes, and on any other surface Mr. Tim can stick them. He's blanketing Boston but he wants to come to a town near you. For that, though, he'll need your help.

Go to and join the street team. You'll get an assload of free propaganda sent to you, and possibly a tee shirt. Your only job will be to put up stickers and push the cause forward. Not a bad deal, I must say.

Alternately, just support the motherfucker and buy a shirt. They're cool, and they'll make you cool, too.

On a personal note, I'd just like to say that Mr. Tim is a pretty awesome guy, even if he's an unreliable motherfucker. We've been waiting for a site banner for two months now, asshole. Other than teaching us at TTA how to make stickers and guerrilla advertise, he's also taught us a lesson you'd be well to learn:

Never depend on a drunk, unless you're depending on them to disappoint you.


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