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Independent Artist Plug: Rx

Author: Johnson
Posted: 25 Jun 2004

Welcome back to this little series I like to call Independent Artist Plug (well, actually, I don't like to call it that but I haven't thought of anything clever). This time it's all about Rx.

You may not have heard of Rx, but if you have it's probably from his kick-ass tune "Dick is a Killer." I first heard this when forum member rynsect linked to it back in April. If you haven't heard "Dick is a Killer," then you're in for a goddamned treat, I tell you what. It's synth and drum loop techno spattered liberally with geniously-crafted Bush samples at a frantic pace. The music itself is pretty damn good. Where this guy's real talent lies, though, is moving individual words (or even syllables) around to tell a story of...well, there really is no story. But I swear to god, if you don't listen to this song, I can't help you when you complain that you've never heard anything cool.

Here's just a little taste of the monologue:

Activity is increasing, and Dick is on the rise. By executive order, we're on the manhunt aboard the Starship Enterprise.

A while back I finally got around to visiting this guy's site again, and discovered another track called "Boys and Girls." It's a little more subdued in pace than "Dick is a Killer." Also less silly and more about twisting Bush's political message. There's one part in particular that I love, coming at about 2:30 and really culminating at 2:40 with a chilling 1984-esque mantra with a creepy-ass bass synth line whipping it into a frenzy. Good shit.

I started corresponding with the guy when I asked to be put on his mailing list for notification. I learned that he'd never heard of Emergency Broadcast Network (EBN), which it first reminded me of, nor "Hard Times" by Fresh Bush and the Invisble Man, an early 90s one-off single much in the same vein as Rx's music but consisting of, obviously, Bush Sr.

He also sent me an advance copy of "KGBtv," his latest song that's since been put up on the site. This one's also on the chill side, and consists of samples mostly of FOX media personalities Bill O'Reilly, host of The O'Reilly Factor, and Laurie Dhue, anchorwoman. Trust me, you'll have "Hello everybody, I'm Laurie Dhue. Hello everybody, I'm Laurie Dhue." stuck in your head afterwards. That's OK, she has a soothing NPR-like voice. The bits of O'Reilly are great, with a fascinating circular loop about anthrax at one point. Dhue talks about how French President Jacques Chirac is in hiding, on the Most Wanted List, after acting as the force behind Bin Laden.

You can't make this shit up. Well, actually, yes, apparently you can. And it's good stuff, too. To date there're only those three songs on the site, but keep an eye peeled for more. You can also score yourself your very own "Dick is a Killer" t-shirt. The party party!

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