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Shrek 2, capitalization, and Ab Fab

Author: Philippe
Posted: 15 Jun 2004

Damn, I'm tricky.

Get a girl to go to a movie with me, by telling her "Yah baby, I'd love to see The Stepford Wives!" and then, using "sleight of hand," accidentally buy tickets to go see a cartoon. The word "smooth" comes to mind.

Actually, I'm interested in The Stepford Wives as well. Nicole Kidman is ultra-hot, and who can possibly resist Walken? Nobody can! Not you...not any of you!
Still, I really wanted to see Shrek, so the plans were set into motion. Plans that worked out to my advantage. And the girl's as well.

So what did I think, you ask? I thought it was Absolutely Fabulous!

Why did I capitalize Absolutely Fabulous? Well, while I normally just automatically capitalize whatever word I want to in a sentence and drive my editor mad (actually, I don't have an editor so much as I have Johnson), that one was on purpose, due to the fact that Jennifer Saunders plays one of the title roles.

The movie seemingly had about four minutes of scenes for kids in it, and the rest was pure adult fun. With Sexual Innuendo, Cross Dressing, Tons of guest stars Including Julie Andrews, John Cleese, and Antonia Banderas as a truly inspired Puss in Boots.

(See what I mean about the Capitalizations? it's just so Crazy!)

No, seriously, I'll stop now. The movie moved along at a fairly brief pace, and had quite a few good action scenes in it, particularly towards the end of the movie.

My only complaint is that it ended rather abruptly. Action action action action Donkey Singing! A sort of lame song. What I'll do, though, is take that solely as the beginning of the credits and give Shrek 2 a hearty thumbs up! Go out and see it!

Oh wait. Everybody already has. Right. Well, then...ermm...agree with me about the action scenes! Yay Shrek!

(Oh, and Jennifer Saunders was the title character in the British sitcom Absolutely Fabulous, which is what I was talking about up there. I thought I had made it blatantly obvious, but I suppose some people are simply not cultured enough to watch a show about aging, English, alcoholic drug addicts. For shame...)

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