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Thumbs Down for the new Mach 3 Power

Author: Philippe
Posted: 13 Jun 2004

Damn television. I'm constantly barraged by things I really don't need but really like. Usually, though, the things I really like are completely normal items that are just a few dollars more expensive than their counterparts. Things that the TV tells me will make more attractive to the opposite sex.

So I have Axe body deodorant, Old Spice body soap with an Old Spice loofah, and, now, my brand new toy.

The new Gillette Mach 3 Power Razor.

A steal at 17 dollars! Normally I'm a huge fan of the Mach 3 razors. I have been since they came out, and I've probably spent about 200 dollars on Gillette products in the last two years or so. Not exactly a windfall amount of money but, considering the product, sometimes it boggles my mind.

Keeping with that tradition comes the new razor from Gillette.

It's got a battery, it vibrates...ermm. It's got a Mach 3 razor, I don't even know how the television got me to pay an extra four bucks for this feature. I pushed the button and shaved. No difference at all between it and the regular Mach 3.

After shaving, I decided to go to the website. Maybe I forgot to buy Sonic Activation Shaving Gel or something. After a five minute long Flash movie featuring my new razor blade, I clicked on the directions for use page.

"Push Button. Shave as you normally would."


All in all, I give the thing...

You know, we really don't have a rating system for the reviews on this here website. Maybe that's fine. I tell you what. I'll just say it's not worth the extra money (buy regular Mach 3 if you don't have one though, I swear by them), but yah. Totally Not Worth It. You might be better off with the Gold Plated Luxury Mach 3, though. A mere 60 dollars and worth every penny.

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