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Independent Artist Plug: Savin iLL

Author: Johnson
Posted: 11 Jun 2004

Aight, check it out.

There's this local Boston band called Savin iLL, maybe you've heard of them. If not, it's cool, you're forgiven. However, I've gotta heartily recommend checking them out. I stumbled across them because Mike, aka MC Man@Arms, makes a mean turkey club and he tends to post flyers down there. I get to talking to him about the band every once in a while, and I finally hit up the web for some info. Lo and behold, they've got a full site and all that jazz, including MP3s.

Savin iLL's a seven-piece band consisting of live drums, guitar, bass, keys, 2 MCs, and a singer. To begin with, the instrumentals are spot-on. The rhythm section's tight but jazzy, and the guitar's got this sweet funk going on. The two MCs spit out rhymes like they were born to do it (and I'm not just saying that because I know one of 'em). To top it all off, their newly-acquired singer has a sweet, soulful voice that blends perfectly with the style. Did I mention she's hot and has sung the National Anthem at Fenway?

The tunes are perfect crowd and party music, yet still work when chilling at work with headphones on. It's a fusion of hip-hop, funk, and straight-up rock. There are some studio cuts on their site for download, plus some live tracks. So far my highest recommendation is the live cut of "Don't Get it Twisted," recorded live at none other than the Good Time Emporium. It recently disappeared from the site, but's got you covered. Seriously, check that one out if you do nothing else today. The rest of their stuff is available from that page or from their site itself. It's a bit like 311 without the hippie, or possibly (the Beastie Boys) + (the funk) - (the stupid).

I hope my slandering the Beasties doesn't make you stop reading right now. Hear me out for one more paragraph.

For you Boston-area people, they've got a show coming up next Tuesday (6/15) at the Phoenix Landing in Central Square, Cambridge. What's more, it's 19+ and free. I know you like free shit. We'll be there and bringing as many people as we can find, so come on out and let's make it a damn party. They seem to have quite a following, though, so expect it to be a bit crowded. Don't worry, the people outside are nice. Shit, I'm leaving the house, so it must be good.

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