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The Salmon of Doubt: Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time

Author: Philippe
Posted: 11 Jun 2004

Ahh, England. The land of Kings and Queens, pint glasses, atheism, and towels. Wait a minute, there...what do you mean by towels? It is, in fact, a reference to my all-time favorite writer. He's English, he's very slightly odd, and his name is Douglas Adams. Adams is with us no more. I was very sad when he died. He died from a heart attack while at the gym. The one thing that makes me smile about that is when he was taken from us, he knew exactly where his towel was. So, let's tour around the galaxy one last time as we look into his newest and last book.

The Salmon of Doubt was published post-humously. Normally I'm not entirely into projects that get released post-humously. 2Pac's last few albums come to mind. Terrible blithering nonsense is what they were. Not at all like Douglas Adams' new book which...well, ok, it's blithering nonsense, but if you're an Adams fan, you're quite used to it by now so you'll probably enjoy it.

The book is essentially a collection of some of his better articles and stories, plus nine chapters of an unfinished Dirk Gently book. The nine chapters are incredibly frustrating because they set up what seems to be a very good story, and just as you get to the really interesting bit, when he meets the Rhinocerous, it ends. So yes, the word frustrating comes to mind. However, the rest of the book is fantastic., a good portion of them aren't even articles. It's almost like an extremely well-written blog. You get engrossed in these rants about his problems hooking up his laptop to his computer (some of the articles are a bit dated) and almost completely forget that we're not reading about Arthur Dent or Zaphod Beeblebrox or even good old Dirk (excepting of course the nine chapters). We're simply reading about Douglas Adams.

A man who convinced a magazine to send him to Australia to do a comparative test drive between a Sub-bug and a giant sea ray. A man who climbed Mt. Kilamanjaro in a rhino costume to promote animal rights. An explicably bizarre and lanky man who inspired me to write in the first place. Ok, that's getting a bit long-winded.

Douglas Adams was tall and he was odd. I really liked him.

The Salmon of Doubt is a definite must-read for Adams fans, though people unfamiliar with his work might want to get their silly asses to the book store and play catch up as they're really missing out. Then, after reading the Hitchhikers' series, the two Dirk Gently books, and Last Chance to See (an obscure book he wrote about traveling the world trying to catch a glimpse of endangered species), you should really buy The Salmon of Doubt.

On a scale from Bad to Rad, I rate it Totally Awesome!

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