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Metric and other stuff...well, mostly other stuff

Author: Johnson
Posted: 13 Sep 2006

I'm on a plane to Toronto right now, and the last time I was on a plane (to LA that time), I wished I had a laptop so I could write up an article or two for this site of ours that seems to be dying a slow, slow, death. Well, this happens to be a business trip and my company bestowed upon me a loaner laptop so I could...I don't know, act more professionally. That said, here I am to drag out this slow death even further.

Now, what to write about? My first thought was a bit about this band I've stumbled across, Metric. It's female-fronted indie rock, though, so that's not exactly something for this target audience. Perhaps something about vodka or the newest Ministry album. Actually, I was going to write a piece on the latest Ministry album in earnest back when it came out, but I failed to do so. That wasn't entirely out of sloth, though. To be honest...well, there was a whole host of problems there from the get-go. That's another story for another time. And by "that's another story for another time," I mean "I'll still probably never write that piece on Rio Grande Blood." Trust me, though, it's not entirely sloth.

So, then. It occurred to me that most, if not all, of TTA is since past its original target audience. I will not speak for my comrades-in-arms, but I, for one, no longer sell the corner liquor store out of 30-racks of PBR every weekend. In fact, even if I still drank PBR, I can't begin to imagine how long it'd take me to go through 30 cans of it. I understand that this makes my avatar mildly ironic. I've had 23 cans of Budweiser languishing next to my fridge for what has to be almost a year now -- we bought it for a party, someone drank one, and the rest have sat there while I continue drinking decent wine and beers that I used to ridicule, such as Magic Hat's Fat Angel. I quit smoking, too. Well, mostly.

Woah, I'm at 30,000 feet and talking to you Internet kids. That's messed up.

Sorry, I've had a couple drinks.

Anyway, so here we are. The site is in a decline, only one member of Team Totally Awesome still lives in what we once called Castle Awesome, etc. Where does that leave us? That's right, it leaves me wondering what I should be writing about. I wondered about a writeup of this band Metric, but they're not exactly in line with our typical material. Then again, Phil wrote a review of The Princess Diaries 2 or something like that. I then thought about consolidating a lot of little reviews in one piece. I really liked that idea, actually, but when you haven't posted anything new to your website in months, putting all of your ideas into one article seems about the opposite of what you need to do, which is stretch yourself thin.

I can't see a fucking thing out the window, which is sort of disturbing. I know we're flying over Vermont or some shit, but last I knew even Vermont had electricity. This is a small plane, too, one of those Embraer RJ135s. The seating rows are seat-aisle-seat-seat. It's pretty cozy. Well, all planes are cozy unless you're in first class on a 747, but you know what I mean. I could use another little bottle of wine. In the meantime, I'm going to pretend that the noises I hear the plane making are actually in the music in my headphones.

OK. Last digression, I promise.

So lately, in the office, more and more people have been joining the iTunes share network we have going on. My friend Steve recently said "Hey, check out Rose's share and look for a band called Metric. They're pretty cool, you might like them." I was a bit bereft of new music at the moment, so I went and listened through the two albums she had up there. My first impression, from the first song (which turned out to be "Empty" from Live It Out), was "hey, this reminds me of Belly, or at least of Tonya Donnelly." I ended up being not too far off the mark, though there's more to them than that.

Not that that's a bad thing, I should add -- sounding like Belly isn't bad at all in my book. At this point, I'm picturing 98% of the people reading this saying "oh, man" or "who the hell is Belly?" For the record, the other 2% is probably Phil. That said, though, I should probably declare that if you don't like 90s chick rock, you should click the TTA logo at the top of the page and read something else, preferably about video games or the latest Ministry album (it's all circular, see?).

From what I've been able to discern with my limited research, Metric is from Canada, is female-fronted, has two albums out (Live It Out and Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?), and is kicking my ass. While we're on facts, this is probably the longest article I've written in quite some time. I should fly with a laptop more often. Anyway, I managed to find a copy of Live It Out in my local Borders CD section, but I've yet to see Old World....

OK, so the plane just started losing altitude and the engines just wound down a whole lot. I'm not a fan of these new developments, I must say. Please tell me that we're approaching Toronto and not about to touch down on the surface of Lake Champlain, because this is not funny whatsoever. Still nothing out the window.

At this point, I'm loving pretty much everything on both albums (I still have the other ripped on my iPod). My favorites, though, include "Empty," "Monster Hospital," and the title track from Live It Out, as well as "Combat Baby," "Dead Disco," and "I.O.U." from Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?. Really, though, I haven't yet found myself skipping any tracks and I've been listening to both albums for pushing two weeks now almost non-stop. I took a brief respite to listen to my finally-purchased copies of MC Chris' Dungeon Master of Ceremonies and Eating's Not Cheating, but that's mostly it.

Still descending at a rapid clip, about 10 minutes later. Ears are killing me. I'd like another bottle of wine now. Ooh, engines feel like they picked up a bit. Plane seems a little more level now. Anyway, so this post ended up being mostly about random shit plus a short, glowing review of Metric. I'm gonna see if I can catch the singer's solo show while I'm in Toronto, but we'll see. At this point, I'd like to live long enough for this to get posted on the fucking site from the Holiday Inn. We'll see.

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