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King Diamond

Author: Philippe
Posted: 08 May 2005

With special guests Nile, Black Dahlia Murder, and, of course, my favorite death metal band, Behemoth.

Well, King Diamond was alright. I think they concentrate more on their stage show then their music. Nothing wrong with that at all, really. Hell, Marilyn Manson made a career out of that, and if you want to go really deep into the stage show take a look at Gwar. Gwar concentrates solely on the stage show, though. The music is there, but it takes a distant second place. Manson was a mixture of both and so is King Diamond.

Admittedly, Manson was funnier.

Behemoth, of course, is fantastic. The most bad-ass and weird Polish metal band you'll ever see. It's actually nice to see that their lead singer is getting better at speaking English as his tour goes on. His banter to the crowd this evening was not as broken as the first time I saw them. It's not even that it's broken, so much. He doesn't say all THAT much to the crowd. It's just that he puts emphasis on the wrong syllables. It's like when you shine a flashlight up from under your face; the shadows are all wrong so you look freaky. Did that make any sense? Whether it did or not, it'll have to do. Love those guys.

They rock. The other 2 bands were pretty standard and run-of-the-mill metal bands. They didn't stand out all that much in my head. However, they were a great bunch of guys.

The interesting point of the night came when King Diamond was on stage and the entire sound crew was essentially ousted from being anywhere near the stage or even the backstage area.

I didn't mind all that much. I made a cup of tea and drank it upstairs and smoked a lot of cigarettes and met a cute girl and I met some strippers. I then proceeded to not get even a little bit from anyone.

All in all, an OK show. I give it a solid 3 out of 5 stars, or something.

(And I swear we're going to figure out a regulated rating system for shit on this site soon enough. After the Quiz comes out. Just like everything else.)

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