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A Portrait of Yo Mama as a Young Man

Author: Philippe
Posted: 08 May 2005

Yo mama sucks.

But the book about yo mama seems swell.

Yes, that's right. While literary endeavors aren't something we normally appreciate here at Team Totally Awesome, every now and then there appears a book worthy of a review. Sometimes, said book will also appear on a date that seems appropriate, and that's just pure frosting.

Thus we've got Mother's Day and we have "A Portrait of Yo Mama as a Young Man" written by not one, but two, funny people: Andrew Barlow and Kent Roberts.

Now, I like Kent. It seems that half the time we hang out he has a drunk friend who's in the mood for an adulterous relationship. I'm a fan of adultery, so it works out well for everyone involved excepting the cuckold husband of whatever tramp they found in Queens for there's that.

I don't know shit about Andrew Barlow, but I do know that he don't like yo mama and neither do I, so it works out fantastically.

The book is essentially a joke book about everyone's favorite subject. I have no idea, per se, why it came out now. I think it would have made a bit more sense 15 years ago, but Kent assures me that now it's Retro -- like that movie Mrs. Doubtfire. Not cool a while ago, but watch it again; you'll be laughing at all of the crazy antics of a 50-year-old transvestite who takes care of three kids.

Yes, so, a joke book. It makes it somewhat hard to review. Other than to say "Hey. I liked it. I laughed out loud on more than one occasion." It's hard to continue after saying that, however, so what I've decided is that I'll have an interview with Kent about the book.

Kent, of course, isn't around, though. One can't help but wonder what sort of wacky 50-year-old transvestites he's having adventures with. So, what I'll do is ask him questions than take quotes from the book and use that as answers.

Don't worry. I probably won't know the difference.

Philippe: So, Kent. How're sales looking for the first week?

Kent: "I'm a pedophile." (p. 34)

Philippe: That's swell...ummm.

Kent: "Shut the hell up!" (p. 87)

Philippe: Listen, buddy. You're out of line. I don't care if you worked for The Onion. I won't be spoken to that way. I am, after all, a Larock.

Kent: "I'm gonna eat the hell out of you" (p. 133)

Philippe: That's a tempting offer, Kent, but aren't you dating a friend of mine? Wouldn't things get weird?

Kent: "Maybe" (p. 43)

So there you have it, folks. The book is a lark and would more or less make the perfect Mother's Day Present. I give it a hearty thumbs up and hope someday to ride Kent's coattails to stardom. Were he to keep writing books like this, I'm sure that I'd be able to do just that.

Buy the fucking book!

And, if at all possible, visit the website for as much info as you can shake a stick at.

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