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Only Paper Dolls (SFW)

Author: Team Totally Awesome
Posted: 13 Dec 2004
Having your own web site is an interesting thing. For some, like the people at Penny Arcade, it means fame and power and women and comic conventions. For the Homestar Runner people, it means selling green hoodies with Trogdor on them and making lots of money. For the Red vs Blue guys, it means playing video games and getting lots of money from Microsoft. And girls and power...etc.

For us, it means that Johnson and I get to write articles for free. We get no money, we have no power, and while Johnson has a hottie, I didn't and still don't so the website's not bringing in the booty, exactly.

To clarify, I love I love writing, I love working on the code, I love the whole thing. I wish I could do it as a full-time job and, gods willing, I will at some point. Sooner rather than later. In the meantime, though, Phil has a point. We're a bit short in the money and power department, so when it comes our way, it's rather nice.
Excellent point. I do love writing for the site. It's actually my favorite thing to do. Still, it's nice to get a little something sometimes. Luckily, the one thing we do get is pictures of boobs. 10 beautiful girls in the Boobsquad, and now, it seems, a free password to a porn site if we reviewed it.

Now, I've heard of things like this before. The people who write articles for Consumer Reports get lots of things for free. Waffle irons and laptops. But we wondered for a long time when it would be our time. "When's gonna be our time!" could be heard shouted by the team members of our little site. At night in the comfort of our homes.

Apparently, the time begins now.

Wait, I need to go sign up for Consumer Reports. Be right back.

Fuck, they want all sorts of information and desire upstanding members of the community. Whatever, I'm busy. Anyway, where were we? Oh yeah, boobs.

Only Paper Dolls. I got our password and, after sharing it with the boys, decided to start perusing.

The first thing I noticed was that it was more of an erotica site than a porn site. Something that I'm not usually into, but then I noticed that the boobs of Rose Redd (one of the OPD models) were just too fantastic for words. I was impressed. I was happy. I got a little tingle. It also helps that she was taking a bath with another girl who was equally well-endowed.

I'll have to second this observation. I will note that it is, indeed, more erotica than porn. No people fucking, no blatant crotch shots, and no goats. Seriously, though, that's OK sometimes. And some of the girls over here are pretty fucking hot. That's not terribly common for a homegrown site. Shit, look at SuicideGirls (not to bring up the obvious comparison, but I will anyway) -- anyone can put up naked pic sets, but you have to have some goddamned quality in there.
As I looked more, I noticed that all of the girls have fantastic breasts and also killer legs, which is the body part that usually makes or breaks the deal for me.


The sets all have a kind of neat slide show feature built into the site, so by clicking on one picture of the set, it will automatically cycle through the rest, which is important for spanking and means that you don't have to let go to change pictures.

I'll have to both agree and disagree here. While I think the interface could use a little work, the idea is pretty cool and it definitely works. Especially when you need two hands free.

In a fervor of excitement I however accidentally clicked on one of the guys' sets and quickly lost any and all tingle. So beware, people. There're land mines lurking around that site.

Unless you're a chick and you happen to like that sort of thing (or a guy who likes that sort of thing when you get down to it).
Yes, yes, do note that they're equal-opportunity and Here There Be Dudes. Bully to them for that bold move. It's not like it's a jumble of pics and you'll be surprised, though, so fear not. If you're clicking on a dude, then you're clicking on a dude. You know it beforehand. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Just what are you implying Johnson? All the girls are homegrown Northeast at the moment, and are chock full of tattoos and piercings and punk rock and goth hair. At seven bucks a month or fifteen for three months, it's a pretty good deal that won't break the bank. New picture sets are added every few days, and no popups! Also, specifically for the people looking for a sample, we have this extremely NSFW preview for you.

So get on over there and sample the goods and give the poor naked girls some money.

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