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Independent Artist Plug: a follow-up

Author: Johnson
Posted: 31 Aug 2004

Figured I might take some time to catch up on the artists I've plugged thus far in this serial. Check it out.

You might recall Savin iLL, that smokin' local band who's been methodically taking Boston by storm. I caught their recent set at the Good Time Emporium (if you've never been there, you have to go). It was a night of local hip-hop acts that proved to be pretty damn good. The Emporium has a ways to go as far as fixing up their club room, namely with soundproofing the ceiling, but that didn't stop my boys from tearing the roof off the joint. I knew they'd recently lost their chick singer, Samantha, but had no idea they were auditioning new singers. The girl who played out with them for this show, though, had it down to a T. She worked the crowd, had a fantastic voice, and knew the material. I know they're still auditioning, but my vote goes to her. Hot, great voice, and pretty good vibe. If you've yet to check out this band, I highly recommend you do so.

Next up is Rx. What a time for this guy to show up, too. He's damn near perfected the art of political sampling over some great tunes. A ways back I signed up for his mailing list, and as a result I found out about KGBtv early and, most recently, I'm John Kerry. The former had grown on me considerably and has been in my playlist for weeks. The latter is a different vein for his usual -- quirky and odd, but still catchy and ripe with slanted news sound bites as you'd expect. The site appears to be redirected at the moment, but keep an eye peeled for updates.

Brad Sucks, I hope, should come as no surprise by now. If you haven't listened to this guy's stuff, then just fucking go home. Since my last writings, he's put out two new songs -- Total Breakdown and Certain Death -- and they both kick ass. Keep in mind that this is while he's in a period of downplaying recording new material while working out a live act. Both of these songs are must-hears, so check them out.

There's not much to say about Lucky Pierre that hasn't already been said. If you haven't heard the new album yet, then give it a shot. It's not for everybody, but it's most likely for you. My recommendations stand in my initial write-up. Try it, I bet you'll like it. And I bet a lot, trust me on that one.

Next up: Stillicide.

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