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Sigh. The Princess Diaries 2.

Author: Philippe
Posted: 12 Aug 2004

Damn, even I don't know why. Except that I have a crush on Anne Hathaway, and I've always loved Julie Andrews and I happend to have five dollars and the movie happened to be starting in five minutes. Mostly the crush on Anne Hathaway, though, making her one of two crushes on girls that I'm currently sporting. The other belonging firmly to a girl in Texas.

Shockingly enough, there was no line to get in and no problem picking the fourth-best seat in the house. The first three best seats, of course, belonging to the three 13-year-old girls who were also in the movie theater with me. Even their mom wasn't willing to sit through it.

I felt embarrassed. Anyway, yeah. The review.

The movie was...well, it was what it was. It had the thrills of the kiddie coaster at Six Flags and the depth of an empty glass of wine sitting at a table in the restaurant at which I work. It wasn't very good. Nor was the first Princess Diaries. Nor was Ella Enchanted.

The three girls in the theater seemed to love it, though, so if you're a thirteen-year-old girl, by all means go see the movie and stop reading our website so we don't get in trouble.

For everyone else out there, don't go see the movie. Instead, enjoy these pictures of my new girlfriend Anne Hathaway which I snagged from the INTARWEB.


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