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TTA Mailbag: Shot of the Week correction & more

Author: Team Totally Awesome
Posted: 14 Jul 2004

A forum member writes:

you guys are so fucking lame.

i just got done explaining all about blue curacao in the vapid discussion
forum when i see your santorum shot

you suck. you don't even know what you're doing.

1. you wanted the browm cream de cacao. the clear one will OBVIOUSLY not
give you a brown froth.

2. i am willing to bet that you just poured the ingredients directly into
the individual shot glasses.

this is how you do it:

get a cup and a strainer. if you don't have anything legitimate, any glass
you know does not dribble when poured out of and your fingers over the top
will do.

fill the glass with ice. pour the ingredients into THAT glass. approximate
how much you need to pour to fill the number of shots you must prepare.
swirl the ingredients and the ice around a bit so everything is thoroughly
mixed and chilled

pour the contents of the cup into the shot glasses. be careful not to let
the ice fall out.

now for the froth part: you cover the top of the glass COMPLETELY with your
hand while slamming it down. you want to make a seal. when you break the
seal, the soda water will make a bit of froth spurt out because it had been
agitated by the slamming. dig? this method, made with the proper recepie
including BROWN cream de cacao, will produce the desired effect.
Well, we've been put in our place pretty handily. Thanks for the tip, nerd. Uh, nerd of bartending. Or something. Anyway, that said, for those of you that tried the Santorum and failed, try it again. Apparently we fucked it up the first time. That's what happens when you've been drinking all day.

In other news, Rx came across the Independent Artist Plug that Johnson wrote recently. He emailed his thanks and also mentioned there's a new song on the way, so stay tuned to The Party Party for more, it should be good.

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