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TTA Perl Golf 3

Author: Tyler
Posted: 30 Oct 2006

Perl Golf rules

Deadline: 17:00 Fri 03 Nov 2006

TTA Perl Golf 3:
Given an arbitrary-length string of printable ASCII characters on STDIN (terminated by \n), print out all possible *unique* anagrams of the alpha characters (A-Z,a-z) contained in the string, separated by a newline (\n).
For example, given the input "a$c%c3", you would print:

Edit: I suppose "anagram" wasn't the right word to choose, since it implies an actual word. I'm really looking for all possible character combinations, regardless of any relation to a real English word.

Click the "Post Comment" link below to post your solution. Use [color] tags inside [quote] tags to spoilertext the solution. Example:



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