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TTA Perl Golf 1

Author: Tyler
Posted: 19 Oct 2006

Perl golf challenge, open to the public.

  • Perl Golf rules

    TTA Perl Golf 1:
    Read a CSV file from STDIN, and reverse the fields per-line. 

    Fields are enclosed in double quotes, and are guaranteed to be alphanumeric.
    Each line ends with a newline character ("\n").
    The last field in the line MAY be terminated by a comma.
    The terminating comma should stay with the line, like so:
    Your solution should be able to handle both types of input.

    In case it doesn't go without saying, the output should have
    a single newline at the end of each line, with no additional newlines.

    Click the "Post Comment" link below to post your solution. Use [color] tags inside [quote] tags to spoilertext the solution. Example:


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