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I totally saw Hilary Duff

Author: Johnson
Posted: 03 Nov 2005

Totally. We were having lunch and wine (well, I wasn't having wine because alcohol is just gross) at an outdoor cafe in the plaza outside the Duomo in Milan. Milan, or Milano, is a city in Italy. Duomo means "cathedral," for those of you who don't speak Italian.

Anyway, we noticed there were these crowds gathering in the plaza. A lot of people had signs that said "WE LOVE YOU HILARY" and things like that, and my first thought was "wow, Hilary Clinton's here." We kept eating our lunch, but every ten minutes or so everyone gathered in the plaze would all cheer and freak out. After this happened a couple of times, I finally headed over with the camera.

That's when I OMG I'M SO STUPID IT'S HILARY DUFF LOOK AT THE PIX ON THE SIGNS OMG. I guess I just didn't think it could even possibly be her, that I could be so lucky! I looked upwards at where everybody was looking, and there were people on the balcony of the Duomo Hotel, three or four stories up, with video cameras and stuff like that. They kept pumping the crowd up. I bet they were filming cut footage (that's a film industry term) for an upcoming tour DVD. "Look, here are all Hilary's fans in Milan!" and all that!

Anyway, I stood there for a while, just basking in the...I don't know...the niftiness of the whole thing, and then OMG SHE'S OUT THERE ON THE BALCONY and everyone screams and I see some people crying and I start crying too and she waves and points to people and it's like I'm back at the show last year at the Staples Center but she's pointing only at me and waving HI HILARY YOU MEAN SO MUCH TO ME! It's all I can do to raise my camera and take a few photos as she's pointing and waving and laughing.

I try to get closer to yell to her, but I can't make my way through the crowd. I just start screaming to her, hoping she'll hear me.


Hilary? Hilary, can you hear me?

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