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Author: Philippe
Posted: 08 May 2005

Just a little preview of one of the things we'll be doing up in this little beeyotch known as Team Totally Awesome.

First, a little backstory.

I like Warcraft 3 a lot. I also liked the expansion game a lot.

I couldn't, for the life of me, beat the goddamned final mission which is just ridiculously hard.

I went looking for a cheat code.

The cheat codes were not super-easy to find, though. I mean, they were there; however, I had to deal with 8 pop-ups and a bunch of crap dealing with these inane strategy tips on how to beat the game. As such, I thought I'd start compiling little bits of information that seem important. Actual facts. Very few of my silly ass opinions.

So, soon enough, you'll have plenty of odd little things in this...the Repository of Knowledge.

We'll start with The Blizzard Codes, to be posted in just a few minutes.

And, if you want to know something that's not in the R.O.K., let us know!

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