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A how-to guide to fisting

Author: Philippe
Posted: 06 Mar 2005

This article, like most of my articles, is going to start out a little bit graphic. I apologize in advance. Luckily, most of the people reading this site don't care all THAT much about things being graphic.

So, fair warning about the graphic content. was recently with a girl and decided that during the petting and making out, what the girl really needed was an electric charger. An electric charger, for those who don't know, is accomplished by putting your middle and index finger in a girl's vagina, not doing anything with the ring finger, putting the pinky finger in the girl's butt, and then massaging the clit with your thumb (I've also heard this referred to as "Two in the pink and one in the stink") (ed. note: also referred to as "the shocker").

The name doesn't matter, really; an electric charger by any other name still smells as sweet. The point is that she enjoyed herself and had an orgasm, and I enjoyed myself because (a) she had an orgasm, and (b) I had my fingers in two orifices.

"Well, that's great, Philippe, but what the hell does that have to do with anything?" you may ask. Well, I'm getting to that. The point, gentle readers, is that it's usually fun to put parts of you into parts of your partner. But exactly how far can this love go? How much can fit up there? In the case of vaginas, since a baby can come out of it, for virtually every girl a fist can go into it. Also, while there're no babies coming out of the butt of either girls or boys, a fist can fit up there as well.

No...surely not, no!

Yes. While I'm guessing everyone who's currently reading this has put a finger or three into some hole or another on a partner, not nearly as many of you have managed to get an entire fist in said hole (or, for that matter, have had an entire fist in one of their holes).

Personally, I've never had a fist inside of me. That's something I fully intend on never doing. However, I have fisted one or two girls in my day, so I'm going to talk about that, and then cite some sources for the...ermm...other side of the story.

First and foremost, lets get into what fisting is and what it is most definitely not. It most definitely is not forming a fist and punching hard enough to break on through to the other side. I don't care what Japanese cartoon you saw the other day. It doesn't work like that. Fisting is something that needs to go slowly, particularly in the beginning. It's well worth it, though. Fisting is one of the more intense ways to get your groove on. I mean, you're touching someone completely and utterly. For the person receiving the fist, it's also intense, for what seem to be obvious reasons on the part of the fistee.

So if you're not ramming a fist in there, then how do you do it?

Well, before you get too far into it, you should do a little preparation. If you're going to be doing this anally then I highly suggest you get yourself an enema kit and use it beforehand. While the ass has some intense nerve endings and can cause orgasm-inducing feelings, it's on us for one primary purpose and that purpose is icky. With butt play there's always a strong possibility of coming into contact with poop. It's icky and smells bad and carries everything your body doesn't need or want. Clean it out and almost everyone is happy.

Trim your nails. Lets try not to cut the small intestines of your loved ones, mmmk? other bit of prep work should be a trip to the local pharmacy to buy lube. Lots of lube. Literally just way more lube than you think you're going to need. Rest assured, it won't go to waste. Not only will you be using a ton of it during this activity, but there's plenty of time to go through any leftovers in the future. Personally I like AstroGlide, but I'm sure you're all old enough and mature enough to buy some quality stuff at the store. Jack Rinella at suggests Crisco and a latex glove. Now, the latex glove is great for safer sex, but make sure it won't break down or slip off. Getting things stuck up there can quickly turn an erotic experience into a painful and long-lasting memory. Personally, I don't know about the Crisco option, but the guy seems to know a lot about fisting so he can probably be trusted.

Where was I? Oh, right. Lube. So, get your partner lubed up. Don't go easy on the AstroGlide. Lots of lube. Get messy with the stuff. I really can't stress that enough.

Now that lube is everywhere and you're all slick, you're ready to start. Start SLOWLY. This is something you have to work up to. It's like in Millipede for the Atari 2600. The first level is easy and just gets you used to playing the game; there's plenty of time for intense action in the later levels. Level one should be just one or two fingers, though. Whatever you and your partner are used to.

If you're going easy enough, then you can eventually get all of your fingers in there. At this point, you want your fingers to be in a wedge shape. The tips of your fingers should look like a star. Ever so gently, start to push in. Now, the body of your partner might not like you being up in there. You'll know it instantly. A tight clenching and a gasp of pain. If this happens, then just keep your hand right where it is for the moment. When your partner starts to relax, slowly pull out. Don't flinch., however, your partner's body is extremely happy with you being there, then continue to push. The knuckles are the biggest part of your fist, so that's going to be the most difficult thing to get up in there. Say it with me, everyone! Go slow. Once you get past the knuckles, the rest of the hand is cake. Your hand will almost naturally form into a traditional fist.

Congratulations! You're fisting and/or being fisted! Explore, look around, move around and have fun. Orgasms around a fist can be some of the most intense things a girl can experience, and feeling a girl orgasm with your whole hand is something everyone should do. As for the guys, you'll be having some fun too. That much pressure on your prostate and you're going to get more than just a little tingle, as it were.

When you're done, pull out slowly and naturally. It should be easier to go out than go in, but you should still be careful.

So go out and find a girl or a guy and make a connection! Then, take that connection and turn it into a nice fisting session. You'll be glad you did.

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