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Super Bowl XXXIX outlook

Author: Johnson
Posted: 06 Feb 2005

I wasn't going to write one of these, but then decided to at the last mintute. Then I was going to write a short one, and was halfway done (about 40 minutes of watching Mythbusters and occasionally writing a paragraph or two, but hit the wrong fucking button on this thing (a bookmark instead of an opened tab), went to some page, and completely lost what I'd written. Goddamnit. As such, this'll be even shorter than I'd planned on doing.

We've got the New England Patriots (14-2) against the Philadelphia Eagles (13-3) today at 6:30p. The Big Dance. Last I checked, Tom Brady was undefeated in the postseason -- 8-0, I believe. On the other hand, the Eagles have never won it. In fact, they've only gone to it once (in the 1980 season). To top that off, they've lost something like three conference playoff games in a row. Well, they're finally here.

The first issue to be looked at is the supposed return of Terrell Owens. He had two pins and a plate put into his right leg in late December, but now claims he's ready to go "at 81%" (Oh ho! That's rich, T.O.!). He's obviously good, I'm not going to deny that. However, he's a jackass. He should've been stabbed by Ray Lewis earlier in the season. Anyway. I wasn't sure about this one, but the other day I was watching footage of Super Bowl XXXVI and the Patriots safeties absolutely mauling the Rams' receivers. It was great. I think Owens will have a TD, but I don't see him being more effective than that. To top it off, I'm predicting a career-ending injury. It'll be fitting.

McNabb lining up against Brady? Brady has the experience. He's calm and collected, and works well under pressure. If we can throw McNabb off, make him scramble a couple of times and then shake him up a little physically, I don't think he'll end up looking like one of the best QBs in the game today. Hell, look at what happened to Peyton Manning in the divisional game.

I think this one's a no-contest. Of course, most other people seem to think that, too. I hate to jinx it, but there, it's been said. Anyway, my prediction is a comfortable win for the Patriots; let's say 34-16. Oh, and don't forget that career-ending injury for T.O.

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