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Nintendo DS final preview

Author: Philippe
Posted: 18 Nov 2004

Well, it's getting to be an exciting time here at Team Totally Awesome. Why, you ask?

Well, I'll tell you. We're all about to spend about 500 bucks on video games in various forms (except for Anthony who doesn't have any money because he's a student).

What are we spending money on, you ask? Well, there're plenty of kick-ass games coming out for the Xmas season. There's World of Warcraft, Metroid Prime 2, and the Nintendo DS! So happy happy happy! There's also a shit ton of good RPGs out (Paper Mario, LOTR the Third Age, and Baten Kaitos, to name a few).

So yes, with the exception of the money for necessities (bills and food and beer and the woman), I'll be blowing a ton of money on all this nonsense. For the moment, I'd like to talk about the DS.

We've talked about the DS a little bit and this is just to give you the skinny on a few things: release games and a little competition notes.

So let's look at this bad boy. Ripped from the pages of Nintendo Power Magazine!

Let's see what we have. touch-sensitive screen! We've heard about this before and even experienced a simpler version in a few bars I'm sure. This feature has almost endless applications. From pointing to where your army should go to drawing a Pac Man so he can gobble some ghosts. It's a weird concept but one that I'm excited about.

Wireless gaming built in! And, included in the box is the preview for Metroid Prime Hunters which will enable us to play head-to-head Metroid for the first time ever (ed. note -- untrue, as Metroid Prime 2 features this as of 11/15). And the only time we'll actually be able to play without dealing with the split-screen nonsense. The DS has a hundred-foot radius or so, so playing with friends is gonna be a snap.

Voice recognition. I don't give a shit about it, but what the hell. It might be cool.

N64-quality graphics. Very cool. However, on such a small screen, they should be careful with how complicated they get with graphics. But it means that Mario 64 x 4 will be a blast, and Solid Snake won't just look like a tiny blip on the screen.

The launch games are a bit hazy, but we have a few here.

Super Mario 64 DS, Feel the Magic: XY/XX, The Urbz: Sims In The City, Asphalt Urban GT, Madden 2005, and SpiderMan 2.

So, 150 dollars for the hardware. And two or three games by my count (that includes 2 Advance games I've been meaning to get...wait, shit, I need three Advance games). So, like, 270 dollars on this nonsense. Gonna be a good time. for the competition...the DS is just going to pwn the Playstation Portable system. I try not to be a Nintendo fanboy for the most part, but seriously, who's gonna buy the PSP? They don't even have a launch price yet. Nintendo has ALWAYS owned the portable market. And ain't nobody spending 300 bucks or so on a portable system. You can buy a PS2 and an XBox for that amount of money. Eesh.

So that's about $300 right there. Johnson has another hundred bucks or so coming up in his WoW preview. Prime 2 we'll save until we actually own the game. And I think there are plans to start a guild for WoW somewhere down the line, which is gonna 0wn your guild when you come up to confront us (just on name recognition alone, I feel). So stay with us. It's gonna get expensive but fun real soon.

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