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Aqua Teen Hunger Force, assemble!

Author: Team Totally Awesome
Posted: 06 Nov 2004

At some point, someone came up with the brilliant, painful idea to make Aqua Teen Hunger Force costumes for Halloween. Tony claimed Carl, Tyler called Master Shake, and Johnson took Frylock. Only days before, Philippe took on Dr. Weird and Erin came up with a plan for Meatwad. We were supposed to have an Ignignokt and several Errs, but all bailed before the party. Fuckers.

Here's Johnson as Frylock. The costume is constructed from foam rubber, two hula hoops, and a 1x2x10. The 1x2x10 was cut in half for two vertical supports and the hoops were drained of "purified water" (who the fuck decided to start putting water in hula hoops?), cut to shape, bent, and fastened. The frame was held together proudly with packing tape, duct tape, and wire, and the foam was attached to the frame with a liberal dose of contact cement. It was then spraypainted Safety Red. The face pieces were cut from scrap foam rubber, painted or markered, and cemented on (the eyebrows and mouth were spraypainted with stencils). The fries were cut from more foam rubber scraps and spraypainted Safety Yellow. Cementing them didn't take too well with so much spraypaint, so they were eventually sewed on with kite string, using a chopstick as a needle. It's hot if you wear it for too long, but with all the contact cement and spraypaint you get a decent high.

Here's Tyler as Master Shake. The costume is constructed from foam rubber, a hula hoop, PVC piping, and a flexible PVC pipe elbow. The straw was constructed first; the PVC was cut to size, jointed with the elbow using duct tape on the inside and a variety of bonding agents at the seals, and spraypainted a blind-pick perfect color. The hoop holds the shape at the top, and the foam is attached with contact cement. The eyes and mouth are spraypainted with stencils. The hands were cut from spare foam, spraypainted Safety Yellow, and attached with contact cement. Wearing this costume is not unlike standing in a coffin.

Here's Tony as Carl. It's not too far-removed, but some items were necessary. The sweatpants and wifebeater came from Goodwill, the wifebeater was stuffed with a standard couch pillow. The Foreigner belt buckle was constructed at Pearl Art from foamcore and paint. The skullcap was made from liquid latex and shavings from Justin's afro wig, also constructed at Pearl Art. Additional body hair applied by lovely Boobsquad member Krystal.

Here's Erin as Meatwad. As mentioned above, she devised the system a couple of days before the party and pulled it off with great success. First, a white sheet was dyed to color. Tyler drew the face and eyes and applied them with contact cement. The sheet was put on, sealed at the bottom, and filled with inflated balloons, giving that tasty, lumpy appearance.

Last but not least, here's Philippe as Dr. Weird. While he started his costume the day of the party, he did a pretty good job on short notice. The dress was from Goodwill, and the foam was cut from leftover scraps, spraypainted Safety Yellow, and stapled on.

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