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Getting on live TV is really fucking hard

Author: Tony
Posted: 07 Sep 2004

Day 1

I, in my amazing way, managed to arrive in NYC approximately five hours after I said I’d be there. I tell you, traveling is never easy for me. Were it not for Laurie and Jen, (I know, you have no idea who they are, shut up), I wouldn’t have made it at all. However, they had the cash for my bus ticket, so I made it.

But I digress.

All that was accomplished during Day 1 of my time at the RNC was getting drunk, and making vague plans for the next day. At this time I was very excited about my prospects for getting on TV.

Day 2

Day 2 saw me acquiring the supplies I would need for my media debut, i.e., foam-core for a sign, markers, shit like that. I picked up two pieces of foam-core so that Phil could have a sign too, when we got together on Day 3. I spent about an hour and a half making my sign, and headed to Madison Square Garden, where the Convention was taking place.

Note to readers. This is where the story actually becomes interesting.

I’m just going to say right off the bat that I have never seen as many cops as I did going through Penn Station and standing in a line at the exit. The police outside didn’t so much agree with the fact that I had a sign, and I was convinced right away that I was going to jail, without so much as a chance of making it onto television. But the forces of Awesome were with me that day, and those, combined with my winning charm, got the cop to tell me where the protests were happening, and I was sent upon my way.

Lemme tell you cats this; protests are a lot of fun. There was an energy in the air that I had never felt before. People passionate about this and that were everywhere. I saw a bunch of funny signs, though I didn’t see anyone else around trying to advertise. It seemed I had the inside track on that tip. Not that it really mattered that night. I spent about three hours bumming around Herald Square where MSNBC was, and checked out CNN headquarters before calling it a day. Getting on live TV is really difficult, and you can’t get anywhere without a press pass. I did get interviewed for a radio show I think, but I’m not entirely sure. It might have just been a school project. I pimped the site though. I always do.

So Day 2 didn’t see a lot of success, though I may have gotten on MSNBC briefly. I wish that I could have gotten on the show they were filming, but some dumbass rushed the stage. He got arrested. I must have seen at least forty arrests that night. It was cool.

Onto Day 3. That was the cool day.

Day 3

My third and final day at the RNC saw me hanging out with Phil, and achieving complete and total success.

We went down to Herald Square with our signs, but nothing was doing yet. We also talked to a really personable police officer, who gave us the skinny on when the protests were happening that day and whatnot.

On a personal note, I just would like to say that the NYPD was incredibly polite and helpful while I was there. The media seemed to only demonize the guys. It wasn’t all screaming and arresting. Most of them were only slightly older than me, and just really chill and willing to talk. No one wanted to arrest anyone. They were just doing their job. You can’t fault a man for that.

Anyway, Phil and I took some advice and headed down to the Public Library, where we heard some shit was going down. That wasn’t so much true, but we did get to meet Captain Morgan. Also, Phil and I were interviewed for a documentary that’s going to air on the Trio network the night before the election. They seemed interested in the website, and had us repeat some of our statements, so it’s almost certain we’ll be on the air. Check it out if you get that channel. If you record it and send us stills, we’ll give you credit on the site.

We had a chance to get on MSNBC again, but they weren’t letting people with signs into the audience, so we decided not to go. Fuck that. No advertise, no time.

So, I gotta say, it was all a complete success. I didn’t get arrested; we got on TV, and got some cool pictures. Protests are cool. If you get the chance, go to one.

In closing, I will go on record saying Bush is a dickhead, and it’s good to see people passionate about opposing him. I just wish more people were informed about things, and not just shouting because it feels good to shout. Ah well.

Look for us on TV, and keep the faith yo.

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