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Gameboy DS games lineup

Author: Philippe
Posted: 22 Aug 2004

Wow, I feel like I'm ten years old again. I'm happy and thrilled about this fact. Yet, the masses can be heard to cry, "Why Philippe!? Why do you feel so young!?"

Well, because I was ten years old back in 1989 and in 1989 Nintendo released the Gameboy. It excited me. The shitty graphics, the terrible battery usage, the small screen, and the "too big to fit in your jeans pocket" size. I was a boy in love. Not that I didn't love Nintendo's other products, but there was something about the Gameboy that ignited my gaming spirit.

I never got to own one. It was always just out of reach, and whenever I could reach it, I stumbled and missed and failed miserably to get one. Or they were sold out of the stores at X-mas. Or whatever. fact, the first Gameboy I bought was my Gameboy pocket for 20 bucks, which promptly got stolen from my dorm room, and the now seemingly ancient Gameboy Advance. With no backlight and no internal battery. I never wanted the SP for some reason. I think because I was jealous of the thing. I'm not sure.

But damn, the Gameboy DS has struck a chord with me. I don't know why. It just seems so cool. Dual screens, wireless connectivity built in which, if the rumors be true, will work with a wireless modem. Do you know what that means? It means I can go to Bryant Park and play a game of Mario Golf with Johnson while he's in Boston. How sick good is that?

Also, in a shocking twist, every developer that has the ability to make video games is downright begging to be let in on the fun. Nintendo, also in a shocking twist, is letting damn near everyone who wants to make a game make a game.

Perhaps it's not that amazing. After all, the Gameboy is the best-selling game system in the history of gaming systems. Hell, come to NYC sometime and try not to ride the subway and see at least two in every car. the DS is going to have one of the more amazing starting lineups of any system I've ever seen. And since it's backwards-compatible with the Advance/SP, There's already a slew of games. And you can wirelessly connect to the Gamecube with it. And they're making it a big part of the N5 (whatever that happens to be).

So yay! I'm excited. Excited as a ten year old boy again! Except that my testicles have long since dropped so now I'm also sporting a raging erection. If only I had a girl to put it in! Or had a DS (not to have sex with, you silly perverts) to distract me from the fact that I haven't had a girlfriend in months. And the only person I've had sex with is Johnson's girlfriend...oops wasn't s'posed to say that. Anyway, check out the selection of games and gaming companies:

Atari, Inc.

  • Atari Classics

    Atlus USA
  • Caduceus
  • Snowboard Kids DS
    Plus three additional titles in development

    Bandai Entertainment Inc.
  • Meteos
  • Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
    Plus one additional title in development

    Capcom Entertainment, Inc.
  • Mega Man Battle Network
  • Viewtiful Joe
    Plus one additional title in development Arts
  • GoldenEye
  • Madden NFL
  • Need For Speed Underground
  • Tiger Woods PGA Tour Golf
  • The URBZ: Sims in the City

    Hudson Soft Co., Ltd.
  • Bomberman

    Koei Co., Ltd.
  • Dynasty Warriors (working title)
    Plus two additional titles in development

    Konami Digital Entertainment
  • Boktai (working title)
  • Castlevania (working title)
  • Dragon Booster (working title)
  • Frogger 2005 (working title)
  • Survival Kids (working title)
  • World Soccer Winning Eleven series (working title)
  • Vandal Hearts (working titles)
  • WINX (working title)
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Nightmare Troubadour

  • Moonlight Fables
  • Nanostray
    Plus at least three additional titles in development

    Namco Hometek Inc.
  • New Mr. Driller (working title)
  • Pac 'n Roll (working title)
  • Pac-Pix (working title)

    Orbital Media
    Four titles in development, including the genres of action platformer, strategy role-playing, combat racing and family.

    SEGA of America, Inc.
  • Project Rub (working title)
  • Sonic DS (working title) Enix Co., Ltd.
  • A new story of Secret of Mana
  • A new story of Slime Morimori Dragon Quest
  • Dragon Quest Monsters series
  • Egg Monster Heroes
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series

    Summitsoft Corporation
  • Air Assault 2
  • Organizer Plus

    Tecmo, Inc.
  • Monster Rancher
    Plus one additional title in development

    Telegames, Inc.
  • Ultimate Brain Games
  • Ultimate Card Games
  • Ultimate Pocket Games

  • SpongeBob SquarePants
    Plus five additional titles in development

    Ubisoft Entertainment
  • Asphalt GT
  • Rayman
    Plus additional titles in development, including a major movie license for early 2005

    Vivendi Universal Games
  • Robots

    Awesome, eh? Indeed, it is. So hurry up, Gameboy DS! I'm waiting and so very lonely!

    And J/K about your girlfriend, Johnson. You da man.

    All above info about games and all graphics were taken from

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