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ATHF costumes mention in USI paper

Author: Johnson
Posted: 12 Oct 2005

Mz. Leah Barr was kind enough to write to us a few days ago and request permission to mention us in an article she was writing for the University of Southern Indiana's student paper, The Shield, on Halloween costumes and, specifically, Aqua Teen Hunger Force costumes. I suppose we do have a bit of experience with that particular bit of craftiness.

Anyway, the article appears to be up on their site. While we don't dominate the piece with a photo and, actually, aren't mentioned until the end, we'd like to say thanks for thinking of us and to maybe send some traffic back their way.

Here's to you, students of The University of Southern Indiana. I haven't been to Indiana myself, and wasn't aware there was a southern part of it in particular, and probably will never be in either the southern or supposed "northern" part of Indiana, but regardless, here's to you. Here's a vey long, rambling sentence. Uh, to you.

Happy Halloween. San Dimas High School football rules!

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