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Save the dark meat Chicken McNugget!

Author: Johnson
Posted: 24 Jun 2004

This is quite possibly the most noble cause I've ever witnessed.

As you may or may not have noticed, a while back (OK, well, it's probably more like a couple years ago) McDonald's pulled their standard Chicken McNuggets from production and replaced them with "new all-white meat Chicken McNuggets." Previously, they were a mix of dry, chewy white meat nuggets and flavorful, juicy dark meat nuggets. Long-time consumers such as myself could usually tell the difference simply from shape or color, and even occasionally came across a McDonald's employee on the ball enough to tell the same difference and serve a container of all dark meat nuggets of taste. Now, though, when ordering Chicken McNuggets, you receive a container of just the dry, chewy white meat nuggets. The fucking things give me a sore throat, I kid you not. It's been this way for some time.

I know I don't necessarily hold the most popular opinion on this subject, but I do have some advocates in my corner. Those advocates, myself included, are quite passionate about dark meat nuggets. A more brazen example of this zeal recently took the form of an honest-to-God petition, started up by my man Steve at newmoanyeah. I urge you and anyone you know to sign this petition and see that consumers get what they want. If you don't care, then go sign it anyway. It won't affect your life one way or the other, but it'll make me and my compatriots very happy.

My closing argument is that they claim white meat is better for you than dark meat, intrinsically containing less fat or cholesterol or something. Let's be honest, here. If you're eating Chicken McNuggets, you're not all that concerned about nutrition to begin with. Why not give the people what they want and return Chicken McNuggets to their former glory? Stop fucking around and do something for once, people. Your country needs you.

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