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On rhyme and reason

Author: Johnson
Posted: 11 Mar 2006

Hooray, spam is back! Just a quickie today. First up, this gem just came in:

From: "Lucy Rhodes"
Subject: cannabis undesirable
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 14:37:43 +0900

Ohhhhhhh really. I was not aware of this development.

Also, the other day I received a great little piece of marketing genius. First off, the subject line was "generate statutory rape"...that got me to open it right there. Of course, sadly, it was ridiculous stock info that had nothing to do with generating statuatory rape. There was a wonderful surprise in store, though -- the random word generator garbage at the bottom was sheer poetry:
patricide favorable, environment
blimp siesta, weren't and relay, avenge light-headed expensively entangle the stabbing buttercup: creditable.
narcotic it any sluice metallic the bitter of visionary, tush chauffeur incessant of blurt the
invasive drape a adulterate a lag powdered

A friend says it reads like a Frontline Assembly song. I'd have to agree, though I think that with a little more bio-organic content it'd be much more Skinny Puppy.

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