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How nutritious are tacos?

Author: Johnson
Posted: 29 May 2004

Back in the day, and by that I mean back in my days at UMass Amherst, my people and I had a habit of drinking all night and then going to the 24/7 Dairy Mart a mile away to visit the Taco Bell Express counter, open until 3am or so on the weekends. I'd get myself a 10-pack of hard tacos, go home, eat the whole thing, and pass out shortly thereafter.

The ramifications of such an activity never really occurred to me until the other day, when I found myself on Taco Bell's website, and noticed they had his crazy dynamic nutrition information engine thing up there. You can add items to your virtual tray and then view a table of the "nutritional information" of just what the hell you're eating. I figured "hey, I'll probably regret this, but I'm curious," so I threw 10 hard tacos into that bad boy and hit Calculate.

Oh, am I ever sorry I did that.

Amount % Daily Value
Serving Weight 800.9g --
Calories 1735.0 77%
Total Fat 103.0g 158%
Saturated Fat 40.0g 200%
Cholesterol 250.0mg 83%
Sodium 3600.0mg 150%
Carbohydrates 132.0g 44%
Dietary Fiber 31.0g 124%
Sugars 11.0g --
Protein 80.0g --
Vitamin A -- 60.0%
Vitamin C -- 40.0%
Calcium -- 60.0%
Iron -- 80.0%
Based on a 2,000 calorie diet, which I feel is reasonable

First off, that's 1 3/4 pounds of tacos. Hooray tacos! Keep in mind that I'd have already eaten breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so I've now eaten 77% of my calories for the next day. And fat? YAY FAT! Enough fat for a day and a half, and enough of that was saturated fat for two whole days! Plenty of cholesterol and sodium, too, so that's all good. If anything, this goes to show that anything in mass quantities will give you some decent vitamin intake.

60% of my RDA of calcium. I really hope that's from the cheese.

In summary, I'm no nutritional expert. However, this seems to be a pretty good, well-balanced meal.

A pretty good, well-balanced meal for two days, that is.

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