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Should I just bend over, then?

Author: Team Totally Awesome
Posted: 20 Nov 2005

If my girlfriend won't let me chill out with my friends should I get a new

-- Sam B.

Well, that all depends. You could know...being a man. Tell your girlfriend that you're going to hang out with your friends. The worst she can really do is hold out on the sex. If she does that, then start actively looking around for a new girlfriend. You don't have to cheat on her. Tell her what you're doing in the clearest terms possible. "Honey, I want to hang out with my friends. If that's too much of a problem for you then it's time for us to break up." Hint that you've already started looking at other girls. You'll either break up at that point or she'll stop bitching and let you do things that a normal human being does.

Failing that, don't let her hang out with her friends.

I'm going to have to agree with Philippe here, though less glibly because I'm tired. This is a pretty rididulous question if you stop and think about it. Do that, actually. Stop and think about it. I can certainly understand wanting to change something about your partner or to attempt to promote change in said person, but for...y'know, bad things.

For instance, I'm at times encouraged to not be a sloppy drunk. I can't disagree with this encouragement, as, well, being a sloppy drunk is bad for your health. Hanging out with your friends, though...well, I suppose it depends on who your friends are, but unless they enjoy getting together on weekend afternoons to rob banks or something, there really shouldn't be an issue here.

It sounds like you need to make a choice, but that choice is pretty obvious unless she's extraordinarily good at sucking dick and/or unless you actually don't like your friends.

Coca Cola
Drink Coke! When I've had a hard day of my girlfriend won't let me chill out with my friends I reach for a refreshing Coca Cola. Drink Coke! Play Again!

Fuck Coke. Tell the woman that you're going to hang out with your friends wether she likes it or not. Drink Pepsi.

When the hell did this question come in? I don't even remember writing that piece of advice. Johnson, what the hell is going on?

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