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240% profiteerings

Author: Team Totally Awesome
Posted: 16 Oct 2005

dell-the team.

are you ready for international?i need start up capital for a new business in central profit on sales 240%
no tax on business,opearting from free trade zone duty tariff exempt.everything inplace ready to go $50,000.00 set up $25,000.00 advertise.this is a vested interest.
the big plus international bank system both central america caribbean and eu community.

karl 949-0823

Well Karl. First of all I'd please like to send you plenty o' money. Let me
just call you at...wait...there's no area code.

I say fuck the girl. When you get right down to it, it's legal if it's your
third cousin, so why not?

International? Shit, I don't know. We don't know. Guys, are we ready for international? Maybe I should have read the rest of the question. Shit. Oh, OK, now I see. Vested interests and all that. Got it. Next?

This is the best advice request ever.

Philippe again
I think we are ready for international. I don't think we should give him any money. I'm not sure about much, but I'm damn near certain that Central America is not the new frontier in money making schemes.

I'm already international. I feel my time would be better spent making teh techno music.

Martha Stewart
I think that Tyler said that the last time.

Star Wars
International you shall be. To Central America we shall go. Roast chestnuts by the fire you will.

James James
I used to be TTA's landlord. said "nuts".

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