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German woman and a need for a diagram

Author: Team Totally Awesome
Posted: 21 Sep 2004

Got a certain smokin' german woman in my life. She just broke up with her boyfriend, whose a friend of mine. She is sort of in and out of the country. She tried to build something around this ex-boyfriend, but he wasn't as willing to compromise any of his carefree lifestyle for her. Both are highly independant, highly motivated people. Both, incidently, are attracted to me.
I'm after the girl.

Shes comin back to the country for a month, maybe longer if she gets the job shes after. Her ex is picking her up from the airport. . .shes staying with a girl friend of hers in Providence. Shes still thinkin about, maybe hung up on this guy. How do I get her to understand that her ex is just in it to hit it and that I'm the one she should really be focussing her energy on?? I mean shes only gonna live once right?

This sounds like a complicated story and I've been up all night having sex and cuddling with a girl. I'm tired and need coffee! Coffee coffee coffee.

Just tell the girl the truth. Tell her "Look, this guy's a dick and is attracted to me as well. Come to my house and have sex with me." Remind her that 65 percent of lesbians have an orgasm during sex and only 25 percent of straight girls do. Does she want to have a super orgasm? Well, it'd better be your lips she puts her poon on.

Sometimes, just sometimes, compromises have to be struck.

I would start the plan off with a threesome, and then see if you can't use that to break into a more meaningful, singular thing with the girlie.

If it doesn't work, fuck, threesomes are still awesome, and we here at TTA advocate them heartily.

Now, is she attracted to you or is she attracted to you? What I'm getting is that it seems that you want more from her than he wants from her, but it doesn't sound as though you know if she wants anything more that that from you.

Oh, who am I kidding. Get the three of you together some night, drink some whiskey, and be sure to not remember what happened the next day.

Have fun!

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