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Changing the refresh rate on a PC

Author: Team Totally Awesome
Posted: 16 Sep 2004

Tech Crap:
Anyone know how to change the refresh rate on a PC. . .not the resolution, just the refresh rate?

I can't speak for all operating systems, but in Windows XP, right-click the desktop and hit Properties. Go to the Settings tab, then hit the Advanced button. Go to the Monitor tab, and there's a dropdown for refresh rate. However, be careful, you can severely screw up your display fiddling with things like that. It's generally smart enough to only give you choices that work, but that hasn't always been true in the past.

And might I add, this has got to take the cake as the oddest "advice" request we've yet received. Uh, keep up the good work.

I have no fucking clue what this message means. Not only do I have a superior computer in my Macintosh, I've also spent the last seven years or so learning absolutely fuck all about the inner workings of computers. So my advice is to just do what I do when I have a computer question and kind of whine a little bit to Johnson until he fixes it for you.

On Win2k:
Control Panel -> Display -> Settings tab -> Advanced button -> Monitor tab

Now THAT'S advice.

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