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2009 is upon us!

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Who pwns the pwners?
01 Nov 2006
Chuck Norris denies rumors, confuses fans
23 Oct 2006
Guitar Hero II this November
17 Apr 2006
Blizzard postpones Starcraft: Ghost
29 Mar 2006
Mr. IT Gigolo, we salute you
16 Nov 2005
Lying, Cheating and Stealing from the angels now. You will be missed, Eddie
13 Nov 2005
Wired presents The Top Ten Computer Bugs Ever
08 Nov 2005
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Hey all, and happy new year from all of us at TTA. Hope it's been a good 2008 and is shaping up to a good 2009 thus far.

To bring in the new year, Philippe's thinking about wrapping up the Video Game Uber Fun Fun List, Johnson has some ideas for things, and we've got a couple of new advice requests for the Boobsquad. Those will all be up before 2010.

We're looking to get content back on a more normal schedule, so keep an eye out. Then again, we say that often. Really, all in all, we're dirty liars and Johnson's a lazy bastard when it comes to editing. It's a time for resolutions, though, so let's just see where we're at in another year.

Until then, see you right here.

Opinion/Editorial Repository of Knowledge: ASCII Table (Tyler, 21 Mar 2008)
Why not?
Opinion/Editorial TTA Perl Golf 3 (Tyler, 30 Oct 2006)
Golf 3...another chance for Mostleet to embarass me.
Opinion/Editorial TTA Perl Golf 2 (Johnson, 25 Oct 2006)
Another Perl Golf challenge. If you know Perl, cool. If not, well, we're about to look like big nerds.
Opinion/Editorial TTA Perl Golf 1 (Tyler, 19 Oct 2006)
Perl golf challenge, open to the public.
Reviews Metric and other stuff...well, mostly other stuff (Johnson, 13 Sep 2006)
I'm on a plane to Toronto right now, and the last time I was on a plane (to LA that time), I wished I had a laptop so I could ...
Humor ORLY? (Johnson, 10 Jun 2006)
You have to be kidding me. Here's a piece of my inbox. Sender ...
Advice Holy shit, an advice request (Team Totally Awesome, 26 May 2006)
Pigs can have orgasms that last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Pigs, however, do not necessarily give a shit because they don't really enjoy sex and would ...
Humor On rhyme and reason (Johnson, 11 Mar 2006)
Hooray, spam is back! Just a quickie today. First up, this gem just came in: From: "Lucy Rhodes" Subject: cannabis undesirable Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 ...
Reviews Video Game Uber Fun Fun List: NeoGeo (Philippe, 06 Mar 2006)
Welcome, welcome, to another edition of the Video Games Uber Fun Fun List. Let me start off by saying that nobody thought I would get this far along on the ...
Reviews Video Game Uber Fun Fun List: Sega Saturn (Philippe, 05 Mar 2006)
In which Sega finally manages to triumph over Nintendo and then immediately gets railed from behind by the Sony Corporation So, Sega at this point had been ...

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